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Gelbarts Gym Mission

At Gelbarts Gym, we strive to be a great team of trainers in a private, modern gym that conducts brilliant workouts every day with our clients delivering fantastic results.

Gelbarts Gym Vision

At Gelbarts Gym, we would like our clients to regularly experience the feeling of health, fitness, power and energy so that they can be the best possible version of themselves and be a positive influence on the important people in their lives.

Gelbarts Gym Slogan

“Enjoy Life”  (Rachel Rajch – Dave’s late grandmother)

Gelbarts Gym Specializes In

  • “Non-Gym” Clients
  • 40+ Y.O. Clients
  • Specific, Accurate & Technical Personal Training Sessions
  • Weights Training
  • Boxing & Sparring Training
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Training
  • Core Strength & Functional Training