Our 6 Guarantees


We are so confident in our “3 for $99” training program, we guarantee you will improve your fitness power & energy levels if you stick to our program.


Gelbarts Gym only employs Certificate 3 & 4 Certified Trainers who also perform further training in order to meet Gelbarts Gym standards. We understand the disappointing experience of training with substandard trainers so we guarantee that your trainer will passionately focus on technique, intensity & detail in every session. Our trainers are also registered with Fitness Australia and hold a Working With Children Certificate.

Safe & Pain-FreeTraining

At Gelbarts Gym we understand that exercising can be uncomfortable, scary, intimidating and plain old painful.  Our trainers will slowly and gradually introduce you to our “pain free” method of increasing your fitness levels at your own pace so that the experience of getting into shape is an enjoyable and injury free one.

On Time

At Gelbarts Gym we understand the frustration of professionals running late as we know how busy you are so we guarantee to run on time and always train you for the time that you have booked for.

Hygiene, Cleanliness & Safety

At Gelbarts Gym we guarantee that our private gym facilities & modern commercial grade equipment will be clean, hygienic, safe, operational, regularly serviced and available when you need it.


At Gelbarts Gym we know that gym programs can be boring and repetitive. We guarantee that you will never train the same way twice and that all sessions will be challenging, fun and exciting.